Third-Party Finance Integration with CMMS Solution Improved Efficiency and Reliability with Cost Savings

MCGlobal Solutions was tasked with developing a solution to synchronise our client’s Maintenance Connection (MC) work order system with their third-party finance system. To maximise data integrity, the integration synchronisation was also required to be in real-time.

Integrating our client’s third-party finance system with Maintenance Connection CMMS

Our large retail client has a strict business requirement to manage all purchase requisitions within JDE Finance. The JDE finance integration designed by our developers was a cloud-hosted, serverless solution that allowed our client to streamline their business systems.

The solution has had a positive impact on efficiency and reliability, with cost savings for our client. It is also a scalable solution.

The solution designed by our developers gave one of our large retail clients a scalable finance and CMMS solution to streamline business systems.

Challenges: User Acceptance of Automation

One of the key challenges faced during the implementation was user acceptance.

The creation of purchase requisitions within JDE was previously a manual process, so users were initially concerned about the accuracy and reliability of automating this task. Users had to be sure the integration was not going to make more work for them.

However, by implementing a solution that involved utilising an “approved” work order rule within Maintenance Connection that triggers an integration API, MCGlobal Solutions addressed these concerns.

Automation loop for data accuracy

The API authenticates against and pushes Maintenance Connection work order data to the Google Pub/Sub service. Upon receiving the data, Google automatically notifies the JDE system. The JDE system then retrieves the work order data to generate JDE Finance records. The whole process is completed when the JDE system sends back a purchase requisition number that is then recorded in the original Maintenance Connection work order.

This integration ensures the data is synchronised accurately between the systems, reducing the manual workload for the users.

Third-Party Finance Integration Solution Improved Efficiency & Reliability With Cost Savings

Building Confidence and Loyalty with our Clients is Key

The successful implementation of the cloud-hosted integration solution has improved the efficiency and reliability of our client’s financial business systems, while also providing cost savings.

The successful implementation has instilled confidence in the software systems and services provided by the MCGlobal Solutions team. Resulting in a strong and long-lasting relationship with our client.

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