Asset Management Solutions Designed to Meet Specific Industry Challenges

Use our fully integrated maintenance industry asset management solutions to track, analyse and manage every component of your maintenance management operation, at every step of the way.

Industry Challenges

Regulatory Compliance

Are you facing an audit? Having an auditor sift through endless post-it notes, countless spreadsheets coupled with messy whiteboards simply won’t cut it to satisfy regular compliance. You need a cutting-edge asset management system.

Visibility and Reporting

Do your reports consist of rummaging through boxes of paperwork, endless spreadsheets or have you scratching your head? Our reporting dashboard can take care of retrieving the information you shouldn’t have to.

User Uptake and Training

How many organisations budget for buying software and licences but overlook the cost of a comprehensive implementation and training program to go with it? Too many is the answer.

Outdated Systems

Are you maintaining the right items at the right time or just when you remember to? The implementation of the right CMMS can help automate the process and improve the efficiency of your maintenance program.


Plant Maintenance & Manufacturing

Stay ahead of your competition by having instant and up-to-date availability to your inventory. Comply with regulatory requirements and ensure your processes are efficient.

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Facility Management

Asset intensive organisations need to have optimal balance between operations and maintenance. Increase efficiency across the entire asset lifecycle.

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Utilities & Energy Sector

Stringent regulatory requirements are critical to power, water, oil and gas organisations. Improve productivity while reducing costs through better work scheduling.

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Transport & Fleet Management

Identifying common failures and taking corrective action before a costly breakdown occurs will improve the safety and reliability of your assets to save you money.

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