Greenfleet Onsite Tree Planting

Environmental Sustainability is important to MCGlobal Solutions who has partnered with Environmental Non-Profit Organisation Greenfleet

MCGlobal Solutions is committed to sustainable business practices and environmental responsibility. To take practical action against climate change, since 2021 we have partnered with Greenfleet, a leading environmental non-profit organisation and Australia’s most trusted source of biodiverse carbon offsets.



MCGlobal Solution Managing Director, Steve Martin expressed, “we are proudly offsetting our carbon emissions with Greenfleet, to show our support towards restoring Australia’s degraded land back to its natural forests and habitats for native wildlife.”

“At Greenfleet, we are restoring native forests and growing climate hope thanks to the contributions of our amazing supporters,” said Wayne Wescott, Greenfleet CEO.

“Organisations like MCGlobal Solutions, help Greenfleet plant more biodiverse native forests to capture carbon emissions. This continuous support makes a tangible and positive difference to Australia’s environment.

“MC Global Solution’s support will help us restore native forests and ecosystems. This provides crucial habitat for endangered wildlife, helps counter the devastating impact of the bushfires, and reduces the impacts of climate change,” added Mr Wescott.


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