Asset Management Software (EAM/CMMS)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Meridian – Engineering Document Management

Cloud-Based Software to Streamline Your Asset Management

We Can Improve Your Systems and Performance.

MC Global is the only Accruent partner that can sell, implement and integrate the ‘Maintenance Connection’ suite of cloud-based asset management software across Australia, UK and Europe.

Maintenance Connection brings advanced control of asset management to all levels of your business, thus helping you to effectively track, analyse and manage maintenance information, resources, equipment and compliance.

Too many CMMS systems fail to deliver solutions due to poor design and dysfunctional software. Our asset management solutions are effective, streamlined, easy-to-use and designed to meet your needs.

Asset Management Software (EAM/CMMS)

Reduce operational risk and costly downtime, decreases inventory and maintenance costs by improving labour productivity and automated workflow. Gain greater access and increased flexibility by streamlining your entire maintenance operation with Maintenance Connection, our cloud-based asset management software.

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Asset Register

Work Orders

Preventive Maintenance

Labour Management

Inventory and Purchasing

Reporting and KPIs

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Make better and faster planning decisions with full spatial context in the asset management workflow. Visually identify the location of various assets that require maintenance and convey that information, priority and the location in order to make informed decisions relating to scheduling resources and efficient delivery of services.

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Mapping Engine / Map Server

Map Client

Demographic Data

Eam Integration

Meridian – Engineering Document Management

Connect the different departments within your organisation. Meridian allows organisations to fulfil document standard processes that describe, structure, exchange and maintain information. This software is the ultimate repository for consolidating all legacy and project-related engineering documentation.

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Ties Documents to Asset Tags

CAD Platform independent

Customised Workflows

Built Clients

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What’s the key to a successful asset management system? It all starts in understanding the current operational processes and maintenance procedures alongside understanding the condition of your systems to date. We believe it is crucial to take a step back and get to know how the organisation or business is managing their asset and maintenance operations as a whole.

What sets our asset management system apart is that our collaborative and responsive approach ensures implementation and training of products, and systems fulfil customer requirements and reflect asset and maintenance industry best practice.

The MC Global consulting team spans years of experience as Tradesman, Supervisors, Engineers and Trainers enabling them to relate and work with all levels of staff to achieve a result which is practical, powerful and appropriate.



Healthcare Asset Management

Better patient care can be enabled by the improved management of physical assets as well as increased accessibility to these assets.

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Plant Maintenance & Manufacturing

Stay ahead of your competition by having instant and up-to-date availability to your inventory. Comply with regulatory requirements and ensure your processes are efficient.

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Facilities Sector

Voyages had implemented several EAM solutions previously but each has failed to deliver a solution to their problems.

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Utility Management Solutions

Stringent regulatory requirements are critical to the utilities sector, including power, water, oil and gas organisations. Our utility management solutions help to improve safety and reliability while reducing costs through better work scheduling.

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Transport & Fleet Management

Identifying common failures and taking corrective action before a costly breakdown occurs will improve the safety and reliability of your assets to save you money.

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