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The performance of our asset management software is partly determined by the speed of your Internet connection. As a minimum, you should connect to the Internet using a Cable-Modem, DSL-Modem, ISDN, or T1-T3 connection. If 56k dial-up modems are used, it is important to remember that the first time you use the software, you will be required to download large files, which will then be ‘cached’ to your computer (this will speed things up considerably the next time you use the software).

Our products/services do not compromise network security.

For the best functionality, we recommend that you use Internet Explorer 6.0 or later. Netscape is also supported. Whichever browser you use, make sure that you enable ‘cookies’. For more information about cookies and MC Global security, see our security statement.

Yes, photos, videos, and other attachments can be uploaded to Assets and Work Orders.

Yes, Maintenance Connection can be integrated to an existing client GIS database or simply linked to Google Maps.

Yes, the mobile interface is designed for use by contractors or staff using a mobile phone or tablet device.

Using MC Express in the field allows access to the stock room information as well as Assets and Work Orders.

We can host our customers systems on our UK or Australian AWS infrastructure.

Yes, Maintenance Connection can be hosted on a client’s servers or in MC Global Solutions AWS environment.

Yes, our system can be scaled to support a small number of users or thousands of users.

We currently have customers data stored in the UK or Australia but can host in other regions if required.

Maintenance Connection is regularly updated with minor releases and major releases. Multiple updates are released each year.

The basic back up is performed daily, but much more frequent backup is possible based on the clients’ needs.

Maintenance Connection is sold based on user licenses, these can be desktop or mobile licenses.

MC Global Solutions can provide a full range of services at an hourly rate.  The services include the design, configuration, implementation, integration and support.

We can provide design, configuration, implementation, integration, training and software support.

Document Management systems (EDRMS) can be integrated with our Asset Management System

Yes, 2D and QR Codes are supported.

Yes, most smart phones and tablet computers with a HTML5 browser are supported.

Maintenance Connection is very flexible and configurable. We work in most industries including Manufacturing, facility management, Energy, Healthcare and transport.

We provide an Annual Software Support agreement which is based on a percentage of the license cost.  This support agreement includes software updates, upgrades, phone and email support for software issues.

Yes, we can tailor training to the client’s specific needs.

We offer a Health check to evaluate the current system and provide recommendations for improvements.

We have customers in Australia, New Zealand, EU, UK, USA, Mexico, China and other regions.

Yes, the system is very configurable and can deliver most functionality out of the box.

Yes, Maintenance Connection comes with over 300 reports as standard and most can be copied and tailored to suit your exact requirements.

Yes, Maintenance Connection has a powerful notification tool that can be configured with specific criteria so that emails can be sent to specific recipients automatically.

No. The purchasing and Inventory modules are included within the software. However, access to those (as well as other modules) is controlled through access groups so that only those members you wish to have access to those modules, do.

Yes, MC Express is the mobile application that can be used on phones and tablets. Although MC Express has been designed primarily for use on mobile devices, there is no “App” to download and install. MC Express is accessed through an internet browser on the mobile device.

Yes, Maintenance Connection includes a simple application called Service Requester. Service Requester is a single screen application, accessed via a web browser and lets staff with little training submit a request, follow the progress of their request as well as be notified when it is completed.

With the standard desktop and MC Express, you must always have a mobile signal to maintain your connection. However, a separate off-line version is available if needed. The suitability of this should be discussed with the MC Global implementation consultant.

Yes. Images can be added to Work orders and individual Tasks which are them automatically linked to the associated Assets. Documents can be attached to Assets and Work Orders as individual miscellaneous Documents or from the Maintenance Connection document library.

Your implementation consultant can assist with populating the MC Import Template which will allow bulk uploads of supplied data to be quickly added to all modules. The most convenient method of supplying this data is in excel format.

Yes. Our software developers are experienced with integrating a wide range of other software packages including accounting, purchasing, HR, GIS and vehicle management systems. We will fully scope the client’s requirements for the integration to ensure the process, costs and expectations are met.

Standard operating instructions are created in the Procedure module. The data contained in the Procedure will include Tasks, Labour, Materials, Tools and any other costs. These Procedures can be based on time intervals or operating hours. They are then added to a Preventative Maintenance schedule which will determine the length and date of the next service and also what Asset/s it is applied to.

Standard and customised Reports can be accessed by anyone with the appropriate Access Group rights. Reports can be created to display all current or Closed Work Orders, their current status, scheduled and due dates and any other details relevant to the enquiry. Reports are relatively easily configured by most people following basic training.