You’re In Good Hands with Our Asset Management System Solutions

Looking for a complete asset management system? We are the exclusive product partner to the Maintenance Connection suite of cloud-based CMMS/EAM solutions, which are designed to optimise your assets.

The Solution That Delivers.

MC Global was established in Brisbane, Australia in 2007 with a commitment to provide a scalable, innovative and streamlined solution for asset and maintenance management. In 2009 we established our UK business to provide better support for our UK and European customers.

Our solutions will reduce your operational risk and costly downtime, decrease your inventory and maintenance costs, improve your labour productivity and automate your workflow. We give you greater access and increased flexibility so that you can streamline your entire maintenance operation.

The members of the MC Global team are deeply embedded at the core of the industry, and have developed their roles as consultants through a grassroots approach. It is this experience, combined with MC Global’s collaborative and responsive approach, that gives our customers total confidence in our products and our team.

MC Global has offices in Australia and the UK. We provide a deeply integrated set of applications and services to the Manufacturing, Facilities Management, Utilities & Energy, Fleet Management & Transport, Healthcare and Aged Care sectors.

Our Team

Steve Martin

Managing Director

Steve Martin is the Managing Director of MC Global. Steve is an accomplished IT consultant and systems professional with a background in computer electronics, industrial control and communication architecture. Steve established MC Global (then called ‘Maintenance Connection Australia’) in 2007, in response to the need for a modern, user friendly and reliable CMMS solution for clients in the Australian gas industry. In 2009, the company expanded into Europe and quickly grew to service other industry segments, including Facility Management, Manufacturing and Transport. In 2015, Maintenance Connection Australia went global. As the managing director of MC Global, Steve thrives on overcoming challenges. His number one priority will always be fantastic customer service.



A lifetime of experience matched with an unparalleled standard of service. We’re committed to delivering a computerised maintenance management system that meets your specific needs, not just another off-the-shelf product.

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