Investing in a Computerised Maintenance Management Systems Health Check Regularly is Important for Operational Efficiency.

Many MCGlobal Solutions customers have taken the opportunity to use our Consultants to have a look under the bonnet of their CMMS to find out how well they are running.

Whether it’s a matter of finding the time, committing resources or the cost involved, many people treat getting an expert in to look at their Asset Maintenance Management the same as booking their car in for a service.

MCGlobal Solutions Consultants have been carrying out CMMS Health Checks for many of our long-term customers over the last few months. It has brought to light both minor and major changes that can be made to bring their systems back to best practice and enhance business operations.

Three factors were consistently identified as influencing system usability.


1. Staff changes

When trained staff leave the company, or their role changes, a knowledge gap is often created. New staff are not trained in, or made aware of the importance of system operation and as a result, will try to teach themselves or avoid using the software completely.

While Maintenance Connection (MC) is one of the most user-friendly Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) packages to learn, with printed and online tutorials available, there is always the fear of the unknown which will hold people back.

2. Unclear workflow process.

As businesses grow and people’s roles change, there should be regular reviews of how the current workflow process is operating and whether it can be improved.

New staff roles, advances in the MC software and the addition of new hardware may result in a more efficient method of operation.

There is also the need to ensure that ALL technicians and administration staff are entering ALL the required data to maintain the data integrity of the CMMS.

3. Poor identification of assets, classifications, PMs and procedures.

During the initial implementation process, an identification and naming convention is created by the Consultant to ensure consistency, reliability and predictability. When new data is added to the various modules, adhering to these protocols will maintain consistency in reporting and identification.

As with all staff capabilities and proficiencies, the administration needs to ensure the understanding of the operation and modules within the CMMS is kept up-to-date. This can be either through regular, annual refresher courses by the MCGlobal Consultants or targeted training when new key staff are employed.

Benefits of a CMMS Health Check

The benefits of a CMMS Health Check are to ensure best practices are being followed, all staff are correctly trained and your business operations are running at peak efficiency.

Ready for a professional assessment of your CMMS operating health?

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