BEP | CMMS Case Study

The primary business goal of Bunde-Etzel-Pipeline (BEP) is to safely operate and maintain the natural gas pipelines that connect the gas storage facility at Etzel (North West Germany) to the Dutch natural gas network at Oude-Statenzijl (North East Netherlands). 

BEP is integral to the security of the natural gas supply within Germany and throughout Europe. The large underground storage facility at Etzel is integrated seamlessly into the European Natural Gas Network (ENGN)  via the Oude-Statenzijl Pipeline, ensuring the future supply of natural gas throughout ENGN. 

BEP | The Challenge 

  1. A customisable, user-friendly and cost-effective system

  2. Fulfil all Maintenance and Procurement requirements

  3. Will adapt to the needs and requirements of BEP, not the other way around i.e. an intuitive, flexible (integration scope for/with 3rd party software/s)

  4. Simple-to-use system that will be used by both technical and administrative personnel.

Our Solutions Implemented

  • MRO

  • MC Express

Our Services Provided

  • Software Implementation and Configuration

  • 24-hour Technical Support

  • Support

  • Web API

  • Customisable System and User Interface

BEP | The Solution

The Enterprise Asset Management Software (EAMS) in use is Maintenance Connection, which fulfils all of BEP’s maintenance management requirements such as: 

  • Asset Management 
  • Preventative Maintenance 
  • Work Order Management 
  • Labour Scheduling and Planning Management 
  • Procurement and Receiving 
  • Stock Control (Inventory check-in/out system) 
  • Reporting (customisable and detailed) 

The system was implemented by both MCGlobal Solutions professionals and BEP engineering personnel working together.

Further scope was required to have Aviation Software integrate with Maintenance Connection. For example, specific data captured (GIS & important pipeline data) in the Aviation Software was updated in the Maintenance Connection software through an automated data transformation (integration methods). 

BEP | Services Provided

  • Software Implementation and Systems Configuration in line with BEP Corporate standards (TBA) 
  • 4-hour Technical Support (Telephone, Email and Online) 
  • Ongoing Support for additional BEP scope requirements such as additional Operational Sites, Advanced and customised reporting, customisable systems configuration (to suit BEP requirements) and future development 
  • Web API (Integration Solution for 3rd party software e.g. Aviation) 
  • Customisable systems configuration and user Interface (modules) e.g. Purchase Order, Document Management that meet BEP’s user and administrative requirements