AI Machine Learning Integration To Enhance Asset Management + Target Sustainability Metrics

For the past 16 years, Maintenance Connection has been providing our customers with reliable reactive, scheduled, and condition-based maintenance capabilities. However, several years ago, MCGlobal Solutions’ research identified Predictive Maintenance (PdM) as being the next major advancement in asset maintenance efficiency by providing valuable insights and improving decision-making.

AI Impact: Improves Efficiencies for Asset-Centric Industries

After thorough research, MCGlobal Solutions identified a UK-developed solution. Discussions began on integrating Maintenance Connection with this system to fill a gap in the available functionality of all existing asset management systems.

MCGlobal Solutions designed an innovative AI machine learning solution, developed as an integration within Maintenance Connection. The solution offers a single-user interface to manage all types of maintenance, greatly improving efficiency and sustainability metrics.

By integrating AI machine learning and Maintenance Connection, MCGlobal Solutions has empowered our clients to make data-driven maintenance decisions, optimise asset performance, and reduce downtime.

Challenges: The Newness of the AI Technology

Overcoming the challenges of being at the forefront of innovation required integrating new technology and collaborating with new partners. However, through extensive collaboration, product knowledge-building, and researching industry requirements, we overcame these challenges.

Validating the new AI solution

To validate, and continually improve, our integrated solution, we showcased its functionality at conferences and industry events, gathering feedback from attendees. We also demonstrated its capabilities to existing clients, gradually gaining traction and recognition that the solution was well-suited for large manufacturing and mining industries.

Looking ahead, as AI-powered machine learning becomes more widely understood, we anticipate the relevance of our solution expanding to a broader range of businesses.

ai machine learning technology for maintenance industry

The Future: Greater Awareness of AI Benefits

In 2023, AI technology became a prominent topic, capturing public attention with innovations like ChatGPT. While our AI machine learning integration targets a different audience and purpose, this growing awareness of AI has been beneficial to our solution.

Enhancing asset management and improving sustainability metrics

With the rise of AI, there has been an accompanying awareness of its potential risks, as depicted in various Netflix documentaries. However, our solution is purely designed solely to benefit our customers by enhancing asset management and improving sustainability metrics. AI allows the equipment to operate at peak efficiency, without wasting energy damaging the environment or enlarging carbon emissions.

AI technology solutions for the maintenance industry

We aim to utilise the benefits of AI for the maintenance industry to drive new business opportunities. Our mission is to empower clients to reduce their environmental impact by using intuitive and user-friendly technology solutions, to make sustainable enterprise asset management best practices accessible, attainable, and convenient.

Recently, MCGlobal Solutions showcased the AI machine learning solution at the World Mining Congress 2023 which focused on renewable energy and sustainability. The high level of interest we received at this event validated the value and relevance of our integrated solution in such forward-thinking industries.

We have transformed from an idea that no one understood to a leading-edge vendor in predictive maintenance, offering a user-friendly and intuitive CMMS product – Maintenance Connection.

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