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MCGlobal Solutions Company Logo Redesign Announcement

We are excited to announce MCGlobal Solutions recently redesigned the company logo to give it a contemporary style and to reflect the sectors we work with.

The old logo and the new 2023 logo…

          MCGlobal Solutions Logo 2023

New brand colours for MCGlobal Solutions

Our new brand colour choices of orange and blue/grey were chosen to convey a sense of energy, warmth, and stability.

This reflects MCGlobal Solutions’ values of offering exceptional customer service, with orange continuing to represent our friendly, approachable brand personality.

While we opted for a navy blue tone to communicate our trustworthiness, reliability, and professionalism. The blue has a grey tone, for continuity with the old logo’s orange and grey colour scheme.

MCGlobal Solutions Brand Icon

The globe was added to the logo design to signify the company’s global presence and dedication to offering asset and facility maintenance management services worldwide.

Gear cogs and solar panels, included in the globe icon, are two graphic representations of our company’s emphasis on the maintenance sector.

We prioritise high-quality product solutions and stand by the dependability of our implemented solutions. Gear cogs are a symbol of precision, efficiency, and mechanical expertise. This reflects our team’s knowledge and skills to keep complex machinery running smoothly and efficiently by providing innovative software solutions suited to the maintenance industry.

Solar panels, on the other hand, stand for environmental commitment, sustainability, and innovation. They reflect our company values, which include a commitment to reducing MCGlobal Solutions’ carbon footprint, and the advancement of a more sustainable future. We assist the maintenance sector to improve efficiency and reduce waste, as well as leading the transition towards more sustainable best practices.

Designer Rachelle Tyler delivered a suite of flexible logo options that could be adaptable for various applications.

MCGlobal Solutions Logo 2023 Style Sheet