What’s the price of a CMMS?

A high-quality CMMS/EAM system isn’t something you can just buy from your local discount outlet. It’s proven time and time again that cheap is usually nasty and what may seem like a bargain now will end up being much more expensive, limited in its functionality and time-consuming in the long-run.

Then again, this doesn’t mean that small to mid-size companies should have to pay the 7 figure plus sums which are charged by some multi-national vendors for the price of a CMMS. These systems often tend to be the most difficult to configure, modify, operate and require their “specialised staff” to make the most basic of changes.

When assessing which software package option is the best solution for your business there are five essential factors to be considered:

01 How many people will be using the system at any one time?
This determines how many concurrent user licenses are needed. This is much more economical than paying for a license for every user.

02 Will the service technicians be accessing their Work Orders using a mobile device, on a fixed installation or both?
This will give you a better sense of what kind of mobility you need with this product. Whether it be online or offline syncs to your system, it’s important you know what you need and where you see your operations in 12 months to 5 years down the track. Plan ahead and access your operations anytime, anywhere.

03 Will the software be hosted on off-site secure server facilities or is it to be self-hosted on your Company’s server?
Unless they have their own IT Department and back-up system, most Companies choose to use our secure data centre due to its multi-site, multiple servers, warm back-ups and high speed connections.

04 Would you rather purchase the software package and implementation outright (with an annual support and hosting fee) or sign up to a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) package which is a lease arrangement?
The SaaS option is becoming increasingly popular due to the lower initial cost and the smaller, regular monthly costs.

05 How much assistance is required in the data gathering, cleansing and uploading, and the configuration process?
One common problem which is encountered when setting up the CMMS package is staff availability. Very few companies have personnel who can dedicate 100% of their time to the implementation. This can result in the process becoming drawn out and staff who were eager for change, becoming frustrated and disillusioned. The best value system is one which your staff find easy to use, maintain and update. Evaluate the initial and the ongoing cost when making the decision of what is right for your business.

MC Global Solutions can provide the software and the expert Consultants to make your CMMS installation a success. Our basic SaaS package which is of an exceptional standard is easy to configure and operate for small to medium sized businesses and organisations. The MC Global staff provide a professional implementation and support service at a sensible price and help train your staff to carry out the majority of system changes.

Starting at just $110/month you can view our CMMS SaaS pricing packages at: http://mcgsol.com/maintenance-connection-cmms