Any facility, manufacturing operation or fleet knows the difficulties of managing maintenance. Managing operations can be an extreme challenge, especially when considering the impacts of unforeseen costs as well as difficult to find reports. Investing in a computerised maintenance management software solution offers many benefits to help facilities organise and manage preventative maintenance tasks, safety, inventory, and more.

Benefits of Maintenance Management


1. Plan and Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Using a centralised maintenance management software to automate inspections and maintenance decreases the likelihood of problems and expensive repairs. Having a proactive maintenance approach increases equipment longevity and reduces operating costs. When the correct systems are in place, you can be sure the assets or equipment required to operate won’t be neglected.

2. Manage Work Orders Efficiently

With a maintenance management system, you can request and direct on work orders with ease. The convenience of scheduling, assigning, and closing work orders allows for improved workflow and efficiency. It also stores all history associated with each piece of equipment or asset. This analysis and collection of data regarding your order history will allow for more appropriate cost-saving adjustments to be made.

3. Improve Safety

Being able to monitor the safety of your equipment with scheduled maintenance management eliminates the risk of having poorly-maintained operating equipment. Similarly, keeping on top of your maintenance helps companies to meet safety requirements that will, in turn, prevent dangerous malfunctions and critical failures.

4. Reduce Risk and Liability

By complying with regulatory standards and capturing this critical record of your compliance, your business automatically reduces risk and eliminates liability. This protects maintenance managers when faced with audits or inspections performed periodically by regulatory authorities.

5. Automate Your Reports

Using maintenance management software, you can automatically generate and deliver daily reports, lists and schedules. This visibility of over-time metrics can create convenience for remote, centralised access and provide you with the opportunity to make necessary changes and improvements. This solution also assists with monitoring necessary KPIs that help to improve labour productivity, reduce downtime as well as minimise inventory investments.

6. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Centralised maintenance management solutions can give you a general overview of your business at any time to help you ensure that the correct operations are in place. Furthermore, the ability to make reliable adjustments to your operations in accordance with maintenance changes improves the serviceable condition of assets and equipment. The improved flow of maintenance requests, the decrease in downtime, and the lessened response times for work order tickets allow the company more time to serve customer requests and focus on the direction of their business. The importance of maintenance management lies in providing an effective and efficient service for your customers so that they stay loyal to your brand.


Maintenance Management Software Australia


If you use operational equipment for daily business operations, investing in a computerised maintenance management system will be the key to your business growth. The overall increase in efficiency is attributable to the benefits of having real-time visibility of all data. MC Global’s CMMS Software provides many data collection points that can be used to sustain and grow your company. These include an asset register, scheduling of regular preventative maintenance, spare part management, labour management, inventory management, the integration of a KPI dashboard, downtime analysis, as well as powerful reporting tools.

Read our case study outlining the successful implementation of the Maintenance Connection software for the SIMEF locomotive. If you believe your organisation can benefit from our comprehensive asset management services, get in touch with us today!