Discover how to get staff to report issues, log them and follow them up.

If you’re a Facility Manager in Aged Care, Health, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Transport or any other facility, and would like to run your facility more smoothly, with the least possible amount of disruption to staff and clients, MC Global is proud to present a fact-packed resource.

Called “7 Reasons Why Your Staff Don’t Report Asset Management Issues”, it details the main reasons why your staff are reluctant to report asset management issues…then offers 7 proven steps you can take to overcome this reluctance.

If you’ve ever had staff make any of the following excuses…

  • “It’s too hard”
  • “All the assets look the same”
  • “I don’t have time”
  • “I don’t know how”
  • “I’m not good with computers”
  • “I thought someone else was doing it”
  • “It was easier to call a maintenance guy”

…our ‘7 Reasons Why’ Fact Sheet is a must read.

Download it now and your facility will run more efficiently, effectively and more profitably, because nothing will be left to chance.

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