Woodside is Australia’s largest independent dedicated oil and gas company and one of the world’s leading producers of liquefied natural gas.


Woodside’s Subsea and Pipeline division was responsible for the service, maintenance and long-term preservation of equipment for the company’s extensive interests off the North-West Shelf of Australia.

Their requirement was to have a system which would control and monitor the condition and readiness of the equipment through the Demobilisation, on-site storage and Mobilisation phases. Woodside faced high costs, long development times and an uncertain end product for an in-house software solution.

MC Global Solutions was selected to supply a complete product within a limited budget and short lead-time. This needed to be web-based, easy to operate by Woodside staff and their Contractors and expandable as other Departments were added.


MC Global demonstrated that they were able to deliver a software package within the budget and time constraints. The Engineering background and industry knowledge of the Implementation Consultants assigned to this project allowed for the smooth processing of data and identification of Woodside’s work practices. The hosted solution which was supplied, expedited the data configuration and loading process, while maintaining the high level of security which was required.

The system implementation was carried out in three stages:

  1. Initial Scoping where all parties presented their requirements, existing available data and processes. From this MC Global formulated a suggested timeline, a guide to material and resources and a basic demonstration model.
  2. Consulting and Data gathering. Over a two week period the MC Implementation Consultant worked closely with the Woodside Staff on site to coordinate the gathering, cleansing and upload of data onto the website. The workflow process, maintenance planning and information reporting protocols were established and activated.
  3. User Acceptance Testing was carried out by Woodside and any alterations or customisations were made. The IC was onsite for the final Training and Go-Live process to ensure any issues were dealt with immediately.

Throughout the entire scoping, consultation and implementation, The MC Global team worked to supply a solution which was adapted to suit the Woodside requirements rather than trying to change their process to suit the software. By listening and consulting with the staff and Administrators, MC was able to provide multiple options which were discussed and evaluated before being implemented. Throughout the process attention was paid to the future roll-out of the system to other divisions of the company. Provision was made allowing for this expansion to be seamlessly integrated, not disruptive to the existing operations and be cost effective.

Services Provided

  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Support

Solutions Implemented

  • MRO
  • Service Requester
  • MC Express


  • The entire scoping and implementation process was completed in less than three months.
  • Roll-out and delivery of a complete CMMS solution which was on time and within budget.
  • The excellent channels of communication established between Woodside Subsea and Pipelines and the MC Global team resulted in an efficient flow of information and no disruption to normal operations.
  • Implementation of MC Express was carried out in conjunction with the MRO set-up to ensure both systems could be utilised dependent upon the user’s needs.
  • Standard and Customised reports and KPI’s were created to provide immediate feedback to the Administrators and staff. Specialised Planning and Scheduling reports are now available which can be used for Labour and Budget analysis.