MC Global Solutions UK was selected as the preferred supplier for the CMMS, consulting services and implementation for SIMEF (Integrated Maintenance Services and Railway Engineering) in Portugal in 2012. The task was to provide an integrated maintenance software package which could control the PM and corrective work on the two fleets of locomotives operated by the joint venture between SIEMENS, S.A. and EMEF, S.A.

The fleet comprised of 25 LE-4700 (type ES46B1-A) series electrical traction locomotives used in the freight service and 30 LE-5600 series electrical traction locomotives used in the passenger and freight services. These locomotives are used throughout Portugal on the national rail network. SIMEF have two workshops in Lisbon and Entroncamento where servicing, repairs and upgrades are performed and the extensive parts inventories are stored. The company has over 60 maintenance staff over the two sites as well as specialised contractors who are used as required for non-standard testing, analysis and repair.

The key requirements of MC Global within the project were to:

  1. Identify, classify and build an Asset tree for the locomotives and sub-assets
  2. Design a system to allow rotating parts and compound rotating assets to be identified and tracked
  3. Implement a multi-bin system at the two sites for spare parts and refurbished inventory, to work in conjunction with the compound rotating assets
  4. Provision for the integration of third-party software including meter readings for time, distance and usage
  5. Design preventative maintenance schedules, service procedures and activation plans for the two types of locomotives based on their applications and availability
  6. Create notifications and rules to enable automatic email generations and detail changes for assets and work orders
  7. Create a series of reports which are available for maintenance, administrative and financial departments based on pre-determined parameters or ad-hoc enquiries
  8. The system needed to versatile to allow creation, editing and future expansion by the SIMEF staff without requiring specialised assistance from MC Global UK
  9. Paramount to all discussions was the need to maintain a safe, reliable and efficient transport system and have a clear overview of what resources were available at any point in time

The solution was hosted using the client’s on-site server and access was provided through a secure vpn connection. The chosen method of implementation was for the MC Global Solutions consultant to work on-site with the SIMEF maintenance team to:

  1. Identify what assets were to be included and the data fields and Specifications that were required.
  2. Allocate responsibility for sourcing, compiling and cleansing data before uploading into Maintenance Connection
  3. Design the workflow process and configure the system preferences to automate the process wherever possible. This included which rules and notifications were to be set-up
  4. Identify what external inputs were available/to be used and how they were to be integrated into MC
  5. Design a scheduling solution that would ensure servicing was carried out in a timely manner while allowing for the timetable changes and unscheduled availability of the equipment. While the preventative maintenance was primarily reliant of hours-run and kilometres travelled, planned usage also needed to be factored into the analysis
  6. Ensure safety-critical work was always prioritised, readily identified and conformed to the KPIs designated. Equipment could be flagged as not-fit-for-service if there was any aspect of its maintenance was not complete
  7. Configure and customise reports to disseminate information. This included availability, status and projected work on all locomotives
  8. Establish a timetable for implementation, training and roll-out of the software to administration and workshop staff

The MC Global consultant worked with SIMEF on site for 5 weeks and then remotely for a further 2 months via video-conferencing and emails. In the ensuing years, the client has made further enhancements to their work flow process and used MC Global UK and MC Global Australia to incorporate additional functionality and configure new reports and integrations.

The successful implementation of the Maintenance Connection software for the SIMEF locomotives has resulted in Siemens choosing the solution for successive projects including level crossings, traffic lights, power substations, airport baggage handling and e-bikes as stand-alone and integrated systems.