Meridian – Engineering Document Management

Meridian is an engineering document and drawings management system that provides configurable workflows to streamline collaboration with all internal departments. Meridian software is the ultimate repository for consolidating all legacy and project-related engineering information.

Increase Efficiency by Centralizing Your Engineering Documents.

Meridian connects the different departments within an organisation. The system allows organisations to fulfil document standard processes that describe, structure, exchange and maintain information. Meridian does this by classifying asset and document data according to industry-specific document management regulations.

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  • Ties Documents to Asset Tags

  • CAD Platform independent

  • Customised Workflows

  • Built Clients

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Meridian connects engineering plans with their history through a link in Maintenance Connection.  Your technicians can see the most up-to-date drawings, submit comments and ensure that all asset maintenance is connected.

This scalability is beyond lean in that it is integrated into your CMMS and EAM when the operations are ready. Your time to benefit is immediate, specifically in the matter of time saved. Many manufacturers are still looking at paper copies or finding the right engineer to work on an asset.  Through the ALIM portal, you can share documents with engineers, managers, technicians and contractors, immediately.

Meridian maintains engineering data integrity throughout the asset life cycle.  Meridian offers a comprehensive,CAD software agnostic solution for engineering drawings management and creates a single source of truth for all engineering information.

Support concurrent engineering by allowing multiple teams to access same set of documents.  Provide version control to prevent users from working on incorrect versions. Navigate and maintain the relationship between documents, CAD models and assets. Maintain the quality, accuracy and completeness of data and meta data in a unified system.

Step 1: Owner-Operators initiate and setup engineering, construction, modification or expansion projects with role-based access for internal project members, external contractors and vendors.

Step 2: All users connect the projects with secure authentication and strong encryption end-to-end.

Step 3: Contractor(s) gets access to specific projects.

Step 4: Contractor(s) retrieve work assignments through Meridian Portal and completes task.

Step 5: Contractor(s) uploads the new and updated document deliverables to the Portal.

Step 6: Meridian Portal automatically checks for matching documents, missing or changed references of CAD documents, and new documents.

Step 7: Project owner or document controller receives a notification and a link to the transmittal package in Meridian Portal.

Step 8: The documents are collected in review packages and shared with multi-disciplinary teams for approval and consultation.

Step 9: Reviewers review PDFs then upload the reviewed PDF; automatically merging comments.

Step 10: Project leader consolidates and finalizes any comments.

Step 11: Document controller returns rejected documents with comments and follow-up action to the contractor in a transmittal package.

Step 12: Approved documents are released for the master data environment.

The handover process can be challenging because of inconsistencies in data. By using a solution like Meridian Portal, you’re identifying and fixing data inconsistencies before they become an issue.


Meridian Portal allows users to set predefined project roles with associated privileges. A contractor shouldn’t be able to define project configuration and a document controller needs to be able to efficiently manage the flow of documents throughout the project.

Project Owner – defines the project configuration and overall administration

Document Controller – manages the flow of documents through the project

Contributor – creates and modifies documents

Reviewer – participates in collaborative document reviews (‘squad checks’)

Contractor – sends and receives documents via formal packages (transmittals)

In order to provide the functionality needed by various user groups, Meridian Cloud provides unique and purpose-built client interfaces for each:

Meridian Explorer

Easy web-based access to search and retrieve information and add comments. Ideal for sharing engineering information with other departments such as operations, maintenance, work schedules, and purchasing.

Meridian Power

Used by the engineering team for full control to modify and create engineering information in a controlled project environment. This client enforces your business rules in the engineering process, from automatically naming and filing documents, to managing complex CAD references, to exchanging data with CAD and Office files, and more.

Meridian Portal

Secure cloud based engineering collaboration tool used by project teams to collaborate with external contractors and vendors. Meridian Portal implements data and CAD reference and other validation rules so that your contractors hand over correct and complete data the first time.

Meridian Analytics

Empower the value of your asset information with powerful insights from robust analytical capabilities. Used to determine metadata quality over time. Typical users are document controllers, engineering managers, and others that have a vested interest in complete and accurate engineering documentation and tagging.

Meridian – Benefits

Break Down Information Silos

Boost efficiency by providing integrations to EAM, ERP, ECM, Microsoft Office and CAD authoring applications.

Ensure Compliance and Safety

Ensure compliance with location and industry-specific regulations.

Maintain Engineering Data Integrity

Maintain the quality, accuracy and completeness of data and metadata.

Reduce the Cost of Handover

Easily manage the exchange of asset information with stakeholders, both internal and external.

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