Asset Management Software (EAM/CMMS)

Reduce operational risk and costly downtime, decreases inventory and maintenance costs by improving labour productivity and automated workflow. Gain greater access and increased flexibility by streamlining your entire maintenance operation with our cloud based CMMS – Maintenance Connection (MC Global Solutions exclusive product partner).

By putting a CMMS and EAM together in one solution, you can grow and scale without additional implementations, without having to replace your software. Accruent’s Maintenance Connection has both CMMS and EAM capabilities, all in one solution. You can utilize the different features as they fit your business, activating new ones as the need arises.

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MRO Workcentre

The Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) Workcentre allows access to the full range of features available in the Maintenance Connection CMMS software solution.

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MC Express

Give your maintenance department the capability to go mobile and to work from anywhere a wireless or mobile phone signal is available with MC Express.

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  • Asset Register

  • Work Orders

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Labour Management

  • Inventory and Purchasing

  • Reporting and KPIs

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Our intuitive hierarchy will categorise your business assets to build information trees for easy locating and monitoring of your key resources. View the location of each asset, and add new assets or locations when necessary. Use the search and filter options to quickly find an asset and view its maintenance history or work in progress.

Manage Your Asset Tree and Track Work History.

All asset information is displayed logically and can include images of the equipment to further enhance the usability of the system.

Because Maintenance Connection stores both location history and work history for each asset or location, you can keep track of where assets were moved to, and when each move was performed.


This module is the heart of Maintenance Connection. Complete a Work Order in seconds by simply selecting a Requester, Asset/Location and Procedure. From the Work Centre page, change the Work Order status, assign the Work Order, and shut down the Asset/Location.

Complete Tasks, Track Costs.

This page allows you to define tasks that you can later flag as completed, non-completed, and/or failed. It also contains an area for instructions, labour reporting and failure analysis.


You can choose from Maintenance Connection’s library of built-in Preventative Maintenance procedures, or you can create your own. Set the procedures to automatically generate Work Orders on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly intervals, or at specific target meter levels.

Schedule Maintenance to Run on a Routine Basis.

Quickly and easily set routine maintenance and procedures based on your business formats. Define the equipment and assets that need scheduling so that no part of your operation is neglected.


This module allows you to record key labour and contractor details such as contact information, employment status, hourly rates and work schedules. The Labour module also can be used to record training history and expiry dates for certifications.

The Inventory module allows you to store details of inventory items, along with details of where the items are located and the associated datasheets for hazardous items. Detailed reports are available to view inventory usage, transfers, reserved parts and other transactions. Attaching a photo of the inventory item assists with the usability and accuracy of selecting the required parts.

Easily View, Manage and Keep Track of Your Total Business Inventory in One Central Location.

The Maintenance Connection inventory and purchasing modules can be integrated with third-party ERP systems if required, or can provide a stand-alone solution for all of your inventory management requirements.

With the Purchase Order module, you have the ability to quickly build purchase orders or requests depending on your business process need. Purchase orders can also be generated for inventory items that are below the re-order point set in the Inventory module. Purchase orders can be printed or emailed to the vendor and as items are received, the inventory levels are automatically updated.


In the Reporting module, you can automatically generate reports, customised lists and schedules through predefined parameters. The Maintenance Reporter displays a list of report groups with their corresponding reports. This module is fully integrated within the Maintenance Manager application, alleviating the need to switch applications. From the Maintenance Reporter home, you can access, copy, setup and view reports.

Fully Configurable Reports and KPIs.

The Email Report page allows you to email any report from within the Maintenance Reporter application. Select recipients from your personal address book, or from the Labour, Requester, or Contact modules.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used to measure the effectiveness of the maintenance management solution that directly impacts asset/equipment performance and total maintenance costs. Monitoring KPIs and setting KPI targets increases asset life, improves labour productivity, reduces costly downtime, minimises inventory investments, and lowers the total cost of maintenance.

Maintenance Management Experience You Can Trust

A lifetime of experience matched with an unparalleled standard of service. We’re committed to delivering a computerised maintenance management system that meets your specific needs, not just another off-the-shelf product.

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CMMS Software – Benefits

Reduce Downtime

Downtime costs you revenue and damages your brand and reputation. With our CMMS software, you can minimise downtime by focussing on planned, preventative maintenance.

Improve Productivity

Our CMMS software makes it easy for maintenance technicians to access information, check inventory and initiate Work Orders on the go. This means they can complete any given job effectively, without interruption or delay.

Increases Safety

Our CMMS software makes it easy for you to check and maintain your equipment and meet safety standards, which prevents malfunction and critical failures. This ensures that your equipment is safe for your workers and the environment.

Plan & Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Our CMMS software automates the scheduling of inspections and maintenance, which prevents the occurrence of maintenance issues and expensive repairs. When you take a proactive rather than reactive approach to asset maintenance, you extend the life of your equipment and reduce costs.

Case Studies

Fleet and Transport Sector

Identifying common failures and taking corrective action before a costly breakdown occurs will improve the safety and reliability of your assets to save you money.

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Utilities & Energy Sector

Stringent regulatory requirements are critical to power, water, oil and gas organisations. Improve productivity while reducing costs through better work scheduling.

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Facilities Sector

Voyages had implemented several EAM solutions previously but each has failed to deliver a solution to their problems.

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Manufacturing Sector

News Corp Australia was running four stand-alone asset management systems servicing their 4 major production facilities with no sharing or visibility between sites.

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Can I attach photos to my Assets and WO’s?

Yes, photos, videos, and other attachments can be uploaded to Assets and Work Orders.

Can Assets be displayed on a Map?

Yes, Maintenance Connection can be integrated to an existing client GIS database or simply linked to Google Maps.

Can tradies use the system on the go?

Yes, the mobile interface is designed for use by contractors or staff using a mobile phone or tablet device.

How can I find my parts in the field easily?

Using MC Express in the field allows access to the stock room information as well as Assets and Work Orders.

Where is the system Hosted?

We can host our customers systems on our UK or Australian AWS infrastructure.

Can Maintenance Connection be installed onsite?

Yes, Maintenance Connection can be hosted on a client’s servers or in MC Global Solutions AWS environment.

Is the system flexible enough to handle my business as it grows?

Yes, our system can be scaled to support a small number of users or thousands of users.

Is my data stored locally?

We currently have customers data stored in the UK or Australia but can host in other regions if required.

How often do you update your product?

Maintenance Connection is regularly updated with minor releases and major releases. Multiple updates are released each year.

How often do you save my system on the server?

The basic back up is performed daily, but much more frequent backup is possible based on the clients’ needs.

What is the pricing structure?

Maintenance Connection is sold based on user licenses, these can be desktop or mobile licenses.

Setup costs, training costs, support and service costs?

MC Global Solutions can provide a full range of services at an hourly rate. The services include the design, configuration, implementation, integration and support.

What support do you provide?

We can provide design, configuration, implementation, integration, training and software support.

Do you support Document Management?

Document Management can be integrated with our Asset Management System. Maintenance Connection has a standard integration with Meridians Engineering Document Management

Do you use bar codes?

Yes, 2D and QR Codes are supported.

Can I use my mobile phone?

Yes, most smart phones and tablet computers with a HTML5 browser are supported.

What industries do you work with?

Maintenance Connection is very flexible and configurable. We work in most industries including Manufacturing, facility management, utilities, Healthcare and transport.

Do I have to pay support costs?

We provide an Annual Support agreement which is based on a percentage of the license cost. This support agreement includes software updates, upgrade, phone and email support for software issues.

Can I get additional training?

Yes, we can tailor training to the clients specific needs.

Can someone look at my system and get it running better?

We offer a Health check to evaluate the current system and provide recommendations for improvements.

What countries can you provide service too?

We have customers in Australia, New Zealand, EU, UK, USA, Mexico, China and other regions.

Is the system configurable?

Yes, the system is very configurable and can deliver most functionality out of the box.