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We offer the leading asset management software solutions for businesses and organisations that aspire to be great. Our products will help you to continuously improve and deliver results at your most critical moments.

Asset Management Software (EAM/CMMS)

Reduce operational risk and costly downtime, decreases inventory and maintenance costs by improving labour productivity and automated workflow. Gain greater access and increased flexibility by streamlining your entire maintenance operation with Maintenance Connection, our cloud-based asset management software.

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Asset Register

Work Orders

Preventive Maintenance

Labour Management

Inventory and Purchasing

Reporting and KPIs

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Make better and faster planning decisions with full spatial context in the asset management workflow. Visually identify the location of various assets that require maintenance and convey that information, priority and the location in order to make informed decisions relating to scheduling resources and efficient delivery of services.

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Mapping Engine / Map Server

Map Client

Demographic Data

Eam Integration

Meridian – Engineering Document Management

Connect the different departments within your organisation. Meridian allows organisations to fulfil document standard processes that describe, structure, exchange and maintain information. This software is the ultimate repository for consolidating all legacy and project-related engineering documentation.

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Ties Documents to Asset Tags

CAD Platform independent

Customised Workflows

Built Clients

Case Studies


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