News Corp Australia CMMS Implementation

News Corp Australia was running four stand-alone asset management systems servicing their 4 major production facilities with no sharing or visibility between sites. With the contract due for renewal, it would cost a lot to bring the system up to current release and would not improve the visibility or usability issues. MC Global was tasked with lowering the annual cost, visibility between sites, improving the overall ease of use and system functionality.


MC Global demonstrated that it could deliver all existing functionality at a significantly lower total cost compared to upgrade fees of the existing vendor.

By providing a single hosted system in their Sydney Data Hub, the system was logically divided into four major production facilities. Each production facility could share common data and configuration including maintenance schedules, documentation, reports and KPI’s. The shared data allowed the configuration across sites to be standardized and allowed information to be compared between sites. Management could now have visibility of all sites and compare production performance and reliability data between them.

Having a common system with common configuration allowed all employees to be trained in a standardised manner with common processes rolled out across the country.

The customer received training from MC Global Implementation Consultants, allowing them to take ownership of the system and continue with the configuration and roll out to all of their regional sites. The ability to manage the roll out themselves delivered even greater cost savings.

Services Provided

  • Implementation Training Support

  • Training

  • Support

Solutions Implemented

  • MRO

  • Service Requester

  • MC Express


  • Full visibility of all major and regional sites configured on a single MC Global database hosted in the Data Hub in Sydney.
  • Roll-out and delivery of a complete EAM solution that was on time and under budget.
  • Supply, setup, configuration, training and roll-out of the system was a third of the cost to upgrade the existing.
  • Implementation of a user friendly interface without the need to install any additional software on the clients computers.
  • Standard reports and KPI’s that are easily configurable allowing for analysis of sites which were previously not possible.