Teams benefit from improved cost management accuracy workflow by integrating the financial ERP and CMMS platforms.

A leading Australian green energy provider has been a valued customer of MCGlobal Solutions since 2013. Over the years, they have effectively utilised the comprehensive Maintenance Connection Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software to optimise their operations.

Recently, it was recognised the need to streamline internal processes across business units. To achieve this, they sought to integrate the CMMS platform with the financial ERP system, Oracle Netsuite. This strategic integration provided a necessary separation between their maintenance and financial management processes, leading to enhanced accuracy in cost management.

By merging the capabilities of the Maintenance Connection CMMS with the robust financial tools of Netsuite, the company successfully improved its operational efficiency.

Streamlining Financial and Maintenance Management

Oracle NetSuite ERP and Maintenance Connection CMMS Software Integration

ERP finance, NetSuite, integration with Maintenance Connection CMMS - MCGlobal Solutions

Integration approach

Recognising the satisfaction with the Maintenance Connection CMMS software, the renewable energy provider approached MCGlobal Solutions to address their evolving business needs, seeking a seamless integration solution.

To commence the project, MCGlobal Solutions engaged in thorough information-gathering sessions with the customer. This collaborative effort helped both parties identify the optimal integration strategy. This involved linking the CMMS with the Oracle Netsuite platform via RESTful web services triggered by user actions within the CMMS software.

The integration development commenced in a dedicated sandbox environment. This safe, isolated setting allowed for comprehensive configuration and testing of all functionalities, ensuring the production environment remained unaffected throughout the process. This meticulous approach guaranteed a smooth and efficient transition to the integrated system.

Operational results from an integration solution

Integrating business processes has resulted in significant operational enhancements, allowing staff to concentrate on their specialised tasks. Maintenance teams can now effortlessly create purchase requisitions, while the finance department can smoothly process these requests.

When a purchase requisition record is created and approved within Maintenance Connection, the record details are immediately transferred to Netsuite. This seamless flow of information ensures when goods arrive at the workshop, invoices generated in the CMMS software promptly trigger receipt records in Netsuite.

This streamlined process reduces administrative tasks and enhances accuracy and accountability across departments, ultimately improving overall productivity.

Integration outcome

The successful integration of Maintenance Connection CMMS with Oracle Netsuite ERP has revolutionised the organisation’s purchasing and inventory management.

The finance team can now control expenditures by centralising all purchasing costs within the Netsuite software. Simultaneously, maintenance staff retain the ability to manage their inventory using familiar processes, including stock control, parts re-ordering, and goods receipt.

This strategic division of responsibilities has resulted in a more accurate cost management process, empowering maintenance and finance teams to operate efficiently.

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