Mobilising your maintenance team using Mobile CMMS Software

There’s plenty of mobile CMMS tools and software out there these days, but are you sure you’re taking advantage of the many latest features available? We take a look into our top five features for mobile CMMS software that gives your maintenance team the ability to work from anywhere, anytime, confidently in the field.

1. Barcode Scanning:

Facilitates searches for inventory items, work orders, purchase orders or assets. Through the use of a scanning device, users can scan the ID for an item into an Mobile CMMS Search Field, rather than type the value, which can improve both accuracy and efficiency.

2.  Access Photos, Videos & Documents

Access to attachments including spreadsheets, PDFs, videos, websites. Staff equipped with a mobile device should be able to carry all the power of a potentially unlimited maintenance library right in their pocket.

 3. Electronic Signature Captures

A Status Update Page on Word Orders can be configured to require an Electronic Signature upon completion of a work order. The signature can be entered with a finger or stylus on any form of mobile touch device.

4. Multi-Device Capability

It’s not uncommon to have a mobile version of a CMMS look different from device to device or be completely uncompatibile with some operating systems. A completely browser based platform will allow multi-device capability and have your whole team running on one system.

5. FAST Emergency Response

Using any Smartphone, iPad or tablet, authorized staff should have the ability to send immediate Work Orders supported by pictures in real-time.

With mobility and paperless becoming key objectives for maintenance operations, its essential to fully utilize mobile CMMS software solutions available to you.

MC Global works specifically with businesses and organisations to find ways to streamline these solutions into the work place allowing for fully effective maintenance operations. If you’re interested in learning more about our Mobile CMMS software, check out our video below covering our new product features!

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