In late 2018 and early 2019, Maintenance Connection Version 8.2 was rolled out to all our on-line customers and the majority of our on-site users.

MC Global chose to delay the original release of version 8.0 to enable some further modifications to be made to the software which were beneficial to our Australian and UK users.

While the wait was a little frustrating for some users, it has meant that we were able to supply an upgraded package that had some great improvements which had already been through rigorous testing before being rolled-out. The release notes for the upgrade have been forwarded to all our customers and at 46 pages long we are sure that there will be some gems of information for even the most difficult to please.


Our IT Support representative Paul O’Sullivan was in charge of the roll-out to our on-line and on-site customers and from most reports, it was a very seamless process. For any customised system, software developer Matt Hoggard was responsible for checking, modifying and testing any variations to the upgraded software to ensure redundant modifications were removed and existing ones were retained.

While the process is time consuming and requires an eye for detail, the dedication of Paul and Matt meant that there were very few disruptions to our customers through the upgrade. Where possible, we encourage customers to install a non-customised system. This will limit the possibility of any conflicts between customised programs and the upgrades.

Over the coming months we will present a series of articles featuring some of the more significant changes that V 8.2 has brought. The first of these is presented in the article “Adding time dependent assignments to a Labour Calendar”. We also appreciate any feedback or examples from our customers which may help others improve their Maintenance Connection experience.

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