Maintenance Connection V7 Beta Release Is Coming

We’re excited to announce the Beta release of Maintenance Connection V7.0. With an expected launch date around mid-year, we’ve listed some of our favourite new features that are guaranteed to provide you with a superior CMMS user experience.

1. Multiple Browser Capability:

Now supporting multiple devices and browsers: Windows PC, Mac and Chromebook.


2. Enhanced Configurability:

The Smart Label Feature can be used to configure labels on messages, buttons, or tabs. This is accomplished using one of the Custom English settings available.


3. Multiple Languages

MC v7.0 includes language support for Non-English speaking members throughout the application. If a language other than English is specified, the system will automatically translate the field labels, messages, button names, and tab names.


4. Electronic Signature Capture:

The Status Update Page can be configured to require an Electronic Signature upon completion of a work order. The signature can be entered with a finger or stylus on a touch device or by using a mouse on a computer. There is also a new preference available to determine if the user should be prompted for a signature and whether or not a signature should be required upon work order completion.


5. Smart Search:

There is a new Smart Search feature that allows you to dynamically search for data in columns within a given report. It provides an expedient method to find data in reports with extensive records. Once a value is entered into a column, the report results will refresh, listing the records that match the value entered and highlighting the characters that match in yellow.


6. GANTT View of Work Orders:

A new Gantt View, available from the Work Manager/Labor Calendar Format dropdown, provides a valuable method to view extended lists of work orders or assignments.. Calendar days are displayed horizontally across the top row, with work orders listed chronologically in the left column.


7. Maintenance Load Balancer:

This powerful new tool that allows you to evaluate work order schedules over the next twelve months and reschedule PMs to better balance workload. The tool provides a graphical display of upcoming work orders, powerful search features to select records to adjust, and mechanisms to modify the next scheduled dates.


If you’re interested in learning more information about the V7 release and upcoming Nationwide training tours, leave us your details below: