Maintenance Connection Q&A: Using the ‘Where’ clause

Our question this week comes from Bruce in Adelaide who is using Maintenance Connection as his CMMS to manage his Manufacturing & Plant Maintenance.

The Question

Using the Maintenance Connection CMMS, we need to find the work order history for 2 particular models of Fuel Pump:

1. Model A

2. Model T185PG.

How do we get a report to capture all the work orders including both the ones for Model A and the Model T185PG work orders?

The Default MC Report filters allow for a check of the Model field contents but has a couple of limitations:

1. Each additional criteria we add limits the result set. We want to expand the result set.

2. We want to check multiple conditions against the Model field.

The Solution

Use the “WHERE” clause in the “ADVANCED tab” of the report


( Asset.Model = ‘A’  OR   Asset.Model =  ‘T185PG’ )


Report Output Showing the Work Orders for both models:


Thanks for the question Bruce and we hope this will help you more efficiently navigate your Work Orders!

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