Successful Rollout Scentre Group

In 2018 we welcomed a new and one of the biggest customers to the MC Global family.

While many people may not be familiar with the Scentre Group name, we are sure you will recognise them when we say they own and operate the iconic shopping portfolio in Australia and New Zealand which comprises 41 Westfield Shopping Centres.


With over $54 billion dollars of assets under management, Scentre Group required a reliable, robust and expandable CMMS solution. The software needed to be easy to use by the staff and contractors, include a mobile option for fast, on-site work assignment, be time efficient, location specific but still provide full oversight and reporting for the entire organisation. And implementation time was critical.

The initial project has been completed within the time frame and budget confines. More importantly, the take-up by the staff and contractors at each of the sites has been beyond expectations. This is thanks to the excellent work by Peter Samuels who has worked with Scentre Group staff and consultants during the planning, implementation, testing and training phases. The consistency and focus which Pete maintained throughout the project ensured everyone stayed on track and on schedule.

New Customer Devro

Ever wonder where the skins for your humble snag came from? Or what about what is holding the majority of haggises together in Scotland?

Well next time you sink your teeth into your next sausage in a blanket outside the hardware, it may be MC Global that will be helping to keep it all together.

Our new customer, Devro has offices and manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia and is the world’s leading suppliers of collagen casings for food. Through the combined efforts of MC Global UK and Australia, we have secured the contract to supply the CMMS solution that will be rolled out to their 7 manufacturing sites across the world.

While several other software packages were considered, Maintenance Connection offered all the standard features but with the benefits of a multi-lingual website, fully integratible, mobile friendly solution. The MC Global Implementation Consultants and System Support staff have completed the initial scoping design and configuration stage of the process over two cold weeks of a Glasgow winter. Yes, MC Global go the extra step!

This has lead to a clear road-map of the implementation and roll-out specifications to be formulated. While different languages, time zones, accounting systems and reporting criteria will provide challenges over the coming year, the combined resources of the UK and Australia offices will be available to keep the project on track.



Why MC Global Customers Win with Successful CMMS Implementations

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We’re committed to building software that solves common business challenges, and we work hand-in-hand with you to make it happen.

Our experienced maintenance consultants work with you right from the start to provide on-site training and ensure successful implementation.

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