Fleet Maintenance Management & Transport

Identifying common failures and taking corrective action before a costly breakdown occurs will improve fleet maintenance management and the overall safety and productivity of your transport assets to save you money.

Fleet Management & Transport

Improving safety and efficiency of your fleet, maximising your productivity and reducing costly downtime.

Improve the safety and productivity of your transport assets to save you money

Scheduled maintenance and traceability of rotatable spare parts increases the availability of rail, road, air and shipping assets. Predictive identification of common failures before breakdowns occur. Our Avnet data centre is ISO 27001 certified and ASIO T4. Protective Security certified, so our cloud-based systems are proven to be highly secure and reliable.

Key Features

  • Meters for run time or odometer tracking
  • Schedule regular servicing through PM module
  • Manages rotable spare parts and tools
  • Powerful reporting tools
  • Mobile applications
  • Manages regulatory compliance
  • Integrated KPI Dashboard
  • Downtime and failure analysis
  • Unparalleled service and support

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Always know when your next service is due or lapsed and we guarantee you won’t be calling your client from the side of the road telling them something they don’t want to hear.Bruce Crawford – Principal Consultant | Fleet Management and Transport

Fleet and Transport Sector

QGC has a large fleet of vehicles of varying makes and models used for day-to-day use in the field. There appeared to be an abnormal number of airbag fault indications being reported and the company required analysis on how widespread the issue was and whether it was related to one manufacturer or model.

As QGC raises over 6,000 work orders per year, they needed a way to easily identify and sort the existing information.

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With the help of MC Global we have better visibility and control of our Fleet and the ability to identify where improvements can be made.

John Galea - Journey Management & IVMS Lead