How to achieve successful CMMS Implementation.

Want to hear a frightening statistic? According to a USA report, approximately 80 to 90% of all computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) implementations fail.


What are the reasons for this shocking CMMS failure?

Well we believe it can be attributed to 4 main aspects:

  • poorly defined goals
  • lack of leadership buy-in,
  • deficient training, and
  • a non-intuitive user experience.

For more than 13 years, MC Global have worked hand-in-hand with a host of customers on successful CMMS implementations, based around the world class Maintenance Connection product.

We’ve tackled those four above-mentioned challenges, updated our product/user feedback, and focused our resources on customer success.

As a result, we’ve orchestrated hundreds of successful implementations—from large enterprises to smaller shops—and achieved a remarkably high overall customer satisfaction and project success rating.

Which begs the question: what does a successful CMMS implementation actually look like? And precisely how can your organization ensure that all the foundations are in place to achieve success?

Based on our experience, MC Global hereby present…

 3 ways to improve your team’s CMMS onboarding and implementation.


  1. Partner with experienced, strategic maintenance consultants.

It’s claimed that an astounding 4 out of every 5 project management executives don’t know how their projects align with their company’s business strategy.

A non-existent plan and timeline is destined for implementation failure.

Therefore, you should partner with a CMMS provider like MC Global who will:

  • work with your management team to evaluate current business processes
  • suggest improvements if necessary
  • predict the impact of CMMS, and finally
  • determine how the software best fits into the mix.

As part of our implementation, we will work with business leaders to align your CMMS goals and advantages with existing operations. That will ensure the CMMS invariably leads to improvements in efficiency, productivity and performance.

2. Commit to comprehensive and continual training.

There is nothing like upfront training and ongoing guidance to ensure your team becomes au fait with the full functionality of CMMS software.

It also paves the way for better user adoption.

Firstly, you should ensure that your CMMS’s upfront training is designed to educate employees on the benefits and uses of a CMMS; this should be across all departments.

Secondly, make sure you offer your core maintenance team – along with key techs and vendors – the opportunity to get involved in comprehensive training resources.

Thirdly, offer opportunities for continued learning beyond the initial CMMS implementation.

This is imperative as:

  • new employees join your company
  • system updates roll out, and
  • your company grows.


  1. Choose a dedicated success team.

Don’t just think about the software.

CMMS technology has the ability to track and improve maintenance performance, however it isn’t always easy to implement.

Investing in a CMMS is a company-wide initiative that takes a lot of commitment—including a team dedicated to its successful execution and adoption.

That’s why you must go beyond software capabilities when evaluating CMMS options.

Choose a partner dedicated to your business and you will enjoy the following benefits:

  •  Successful onboarding. Using data migration, we will help coordinate a smooth database transformation to ensure all assets and preventive maintenance systems (PMs) are configured and accurate. This can save your team the stress and confusion of importing pertinent data.
  • Excellent lines of communication. Between implementation and adoption, communication is critical. A common error in CMMS implementation is lack of support between the maintenance team and vendor.
  • Greater business impact. If planned, developed and managed correctly, a CMMS will bring about greater efficiencies in organizational operations. MC Global helps users define project goals, roles and milestones to make better decisions about maintenance operations. 

Why MC Global Customers Win with Successful CMMS Implementations

We are in the business of helping our customers solve real business problems, and ultimately, we work to make your day-to-day life better.

We’re committed to building software that solves common business challenges, and we work hand-in-hand with you to make it happen.

Our experienced maintenance consultants work with you right from the start to provide on-site training and ensure successful implementation.

We also:

  • involve IT from day one
  • make sure all assets, PMs and inventories are successfully loaded, configured and accurate, and
  • focus on customer-attuned feature development.

For more information and advice about Maintenance Connection CMMS implementation – and how to make it a success from Day 1 – call +61 7 3303 0177 and speak to a friendly ever-helpful MC Global team member, or simply contact us.

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