You could ask any healthcare worker in any facility what their primary goal is, and for the most part, you would receive the answer, “to improve patient care”. But the question remains, what is the best practice to achieve this? The answer? Using a computerised maintenance management system that can be adapted to every healthcare environment. Healthcare technology management can be used to improve collaboration of critical operating systems, consolidate data and analytics reporting, and develop team expertise using a single system.

According to the World Health Organisation, healthcare technology management refers to the management of all clinical domains including planning, needs assessment, selection, procurement, donations, inventory, installation and management of medical equipment, training for safe use as well as decommissioning. Let’s take a look at how asset management and technology information can dramatically streamline and improve your workflow.

Importance of Technology in Healthcare

Health information technology is an essential part of improving healthcare quality and safety. The use of mobile and cloud communications can produce a robust amount of data from disparate sources. This data can be used to:

  • Improve the quality of healthcare delivery
  • Increase patient safety
  • Decrease medical errors
  • Boost staff communication
  • Strengthen the interaction between patients and the healthcare provider
  • Allow key personnel to make better decisions

MC Global’s healthcare technology management ensures the availability, accessibility, affordability and usability of all medical assets. Asset management allows for resource usage to be optimised by increasing visibility to data, mitigating risks, and ensuring compliance.

1. Increase Data Availability and Visibility

Data reporting can give insights into a facility’s day-to-day operations.  This can include information on compliance-based inspections, testing and reporting on facility and asset maintenance, facility safety, budgeting and capital expenditure.

By gaining a holistic perspective of the performance of assets within the facility, key personnel can make better decisions by being able to:

  • Source equipment quickly and efficiently
  • Maintain appropriate medical inventory stock
  • Improve the asset utilisation rate
  • Allow for regular maintenance of equipment (see benefits)
  • Improve equipment turnaround time
  • Foresee costs and prevent overspending

2. Mitigate Risk


Safety management protocols need to be in place to ensure hospital facilities, employees and staff are able to quickly identify and mitigate risks within their control. A proactive risk management approach requires collaboration between all staff and departments utilising a healthcare CMMS platform. For example, if a service staff member notices something unusual while operating key equipment, they would be required to submit a work request or repair ticket to the department responsible for the upkeep of such equipment. An integrated platform can avoid the potential for human error by ensuring the request is noted and forwarded to the correct department with minimal effort and no potential for data loss.

Cloud-based technology management in hospitals enables an appropriate response to risk identification and hazard mitigation by effectively capturing, reporting and documenting requests. This results in increased accuracy, increased time to correction and increased potential for risk mitigation.

3. Ensure Compliance


A single-source platform allows a healthcare facility to keep up to date with the rapidly changing industry and regulatory requirements. When critical information is regularly reviewed, analysed, improved and maintained, data requests can be generated to increase compliance. A proactive and highly trained administration team can ensure near-instant data access to increase team efficiency. Healthcare technology management allows a single software application to train staff, monitor standards and identify exceptions. Optimising a CMMS allows for the successful deployment of a compliance program, improved delivery of quality healthcare services, and a reduced likelihood of survey issues arising.

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