Healthcare asset management is incredibly important as it assists healthcare workers to provide the best possible patient care. Better patient care is enabled by the improved management of physical assets as well as increased accessibility to these assets.

MC Global’s computerised maintenance management system enables this by providing data and visibility into an asset’s location, status and due dates. Implementing this software provides a number of benefits throughout the healthcare industry.

healthcare asset management

Healthcare Asset Management Benefits

Healthcare asset management systems help you to adopt an appropriate healthcare infrastructure strategy by allowing you to:

  1. Locate equipment quickly and efficiently
  2. Maintain appropriate inventory stock
  3. Utilise owned and rented equipment data to make better decisions (eg. purchase less)
  4. Improve the asset utilisation rate
  5. Regular maintenance of equipment (see benefits)
  6. Improve equipment turnaround time
  7. Boost staff communication


Time and Cost Saving Benefits

Healthcare asset management is prioritised in hospital and healthcare facilities as it saves both time and money. The physical assets in a hospital include the medical equipment, medical supplies, infrastructure and also staff. Due to the high risk of asset damages, loss, as well as repair, every hospital must track its physical assets.

Proper asset management can prevent facilities managers from ordering unwanted supplies, doubling-up on orders, missing scheduled equipment maintenance and experiencing medicine shortages. Asset alerts reduce the delays experienced by patients and staff to improve the profitability of the facility and also ensure patient satisfaction.


Data Accessibility

The features and capabilities of our CMMS allow data to be organised into reports by unit, department, facility or enterprise for ease of analysis and differentiation. Once the data flow has been optimised, MC Global offers specific training to the user’s role and responsibilities so your entire staff can learn and adapt to the new workflow.


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Asset management should be prioritised by hospitals to ensure maximum profitability and efficiency. Contact MC Global today or request a demo to see how our personalised healthcare asset management system can be smoothly integrated into your business processes.

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