An enterprise asset management system can dramatically improve cross-departmental efficiency for integrated facilities. Integrated facilities management is the consolidation of all management duties into a single platform. The key goal of this integration is to streamline communications and simplify day-to-day operations. Integrated systems allow for ease of asset management, maintenance, project management, and management of growth costs. To optimise growth and scalability, one of the best decisions a company with multiple locations can make is to acquire an enterprise maintenance management system.

As well as managing your physical asset lifecycles, an enterprise-level facility asset management solution can significantly cut costs and reduce labour hours for a multi-site company. This is due to the ability of cross-departmental teams to quickly and easily access key resources through a single point of contact.

A higher level of transparency from the top-down management can also improve employee satisfaction, drive motivation and streamline reporting.

1. An Enterprise Asset Management System Consolidates Multiple Data Sets Into an Easy to Use Solution


Integrated tools for communication and productivity can be streamlined into a single platform to relieve employees of the frustration that comes with managing multiple applications. MC Global’s EAM Software integrates and combines data from multiple sources and departments to assist with transformative facility management. Your solution can be tailored to implement as much supporting functionality as possible to help you improve the reliability of maintenance, manage your asset lifecycle, and achieve other specific organisational requirements. By using a single platform, you’re able to clearly discuss, develop and deploy shared cross-departmental dashboards and reports.


2. An Enterprise Asset Management System Improves Communication

A single communication platform allows staff increased clarity and insight into cross-departmental goals as well as higher levels of insight into organisational goals and the strategies for execution. This open communication between facilities decreases uncertainty and doubt among team members, and motivates employees to help achieve business objectives. Furthermore, a shared dashboard among large teams helps to manage essential information sharing, such as work orders and requests, and ensure the tasks are completed by their assigned deadlines.

An enterprise asset management system has the ability to automate this sharing of information and integrate with applications that manage inventory stock. This creates inventory thresholds that can easily be maintained and managed by multiple employees.

Enterprise transparency typically results in:

  • An increased operating margin
  • Quicker execution of company strategies
  • Increased employee satisfaction, and
  • A decrease in staff turnover


3. An Enterprise Asset Management System Streamlines Reporting for Enterprise-Wide Visibility

A digital reporting system can allow for ease of management with the ability to quickly measure and track results, accurately align goals, as well as inform various stakeholders of maintenance requirements. An EAM system allows for sharing of essential facility management data sets such as downtime/availability, repair and labour costs, labour efficiency, depreciation planning as well as compliance. This allows for simplified project execution, financial control, purchasing, finance, risk management and more.


MC Global’s EAM System Capabilities

  • Detailed, real-time work order management
  • Customizable asset management
  • Integrated inventory system
  • PO integration into other modules
  • Customizable reporting abilities
  • Cloud-hosted and SaaS options
  • Labour and access management

Find out how implementing a proactive maintenance strategy can lead to continuous improvement, increased asset uptime and reduced spending on unexpected repairs.

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