EKB Storage Case Study: SAP Finance Integration

EKB (Etzel Kavernenbetriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co.KG) operates a major underground gas storage facility based in Germany. EKB wanted to take advantage of the ease of use and efficiency of theMaintenance Connection Software and more importantly the Inventory & Procurement functionality, and incorporate their SAP Finance & Purchasing system into their daily maintenance management workflow process.


Although EKB was already using Maintenance Connection effectively for their maintenance management and stock control activities, they were also using SAP to manage their finance. Efficiency was a major problem at EKB and a simplified and automated workflow process needed to be implemented to remove the need of double handling and non-productive tasks.


Through consultation with all parties at EKB, a complete solution was developed that would allow the existing processes to eliminate all efficiency problems.

  • All Procurement, Requisitioning and approvals were to occur within the SAP system; with the approved Purchase Orders and all relative information sent to the MC system and then be available for receipt by the Maintenance and Operations personnel via the MC system regardless of their location.
  • All Inventory data, Stock transactions and on-hand Stock levels would be sent to SAP directly thus eliminating the daily report and updates.
  • All Stock and Purchase Order receipting would go through MC. When receipts of Purchase Orders and other modifications occurred within the MC system that affected Inventory Stock levels the SAP system would also be updated with these changes.
  • Once all data transfers have been executed (either SAP-MC MC-SAP), an Email notification with a summary of the data transfers would be sent to the designated users in the Maintenance and Finance Departments.


The removal of double handling and previously necessary, redundant processes have helped to deliver an extremely efficient and well organised Inventory and Stock management system that communicates seamlessly with SAP.

  • This visibility has enabled EKB to plan and complete individual work schedules more efficiently and on time, while the supervisors are now able to accurately schedule Preventative Maintenance & critical works, making EKB’s workflow more simplified and productive.
  • Inventory Management at EKB have benefited greatly since the integration. The process has been significantly simplified by not having to use multiple systems to undertake a single task or provide multiple reports on Stock levels, changes and Stock movements for Finance on a daily basis. Finance can now ensure that all their required data is up-to-date, entered and correct within their SAP system, and readily accessible to them.
  • Maintenance & Operations Departments can get on with their work knowing that their raised Purchase Orders have been actioned and processed without getting lost or awaiting approval. This has ensured POs are being received and stock levels are correct.


Images Couresty of EKB (Etzel Kavernenbetriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co.KG).