QGC CMMS Implementation

QGC Pty Limited is part of the international BG Group and is one of the largest of several Australian coalbed methane companies.


QGC has a large fleet of vehicles of varying makes and models used for day-to-day use in the field. There appeared to be an abnormal number of airbag fault indications being reported and the company required analysis on how widespread the issue was and whether it was related to one manufacturer or model.

As QGC raises over 6,000 work orders per year, they needed a way to easily identify and sort the existing information.


When the Failure codes were initially established, the Customer chose to have a very limited number of problem codes. This made reporting via the Problem field not possible and with over 20,000 Work Orders to review, another source of identification was needed.

The MC Global Implementation consultant examined all possibilities to identify which work orders (WO) were relevant to airbag problem. This was solved by creating a report which selected any WO’s which referenced the word “airbag” or similar in the reason information or the labour report. The report also sorted the data using the manufacturer, model number and year built from the asset details page.

The report was run, checked and exported in an Excel file. From the report data it quickly became apparent that the problem was, in the whole, related to one Manufacturer and two models of vehicle over a two year period.

The customer took this data to the Manufacturers’ dealership. It enabled the Customer to lodge a claim for all previous work relating to the airbag fault to be covered under warranty and for all other vehicles to be modified at their next scheduled service.

Services Provided

  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Support

Solutions Implemented

  • MRO
  • Service Requester


  • MC Global worked with QGC to compile a list of Failure codes (Problem, Reason and Solution) which could be applied exclusively to the Fleet division of the business.
  • The staff were given training as to how and why this was important to the business and for future reporting analysis. They currently have a list of 25 options for the Problem code which are applied to all new corrective Work Orders. They have also added these codes retrospectively to many of the previous Work Orders to enhance the accuracy of fault reporting.
  • Due to the demanding operating conditions, the Preventative Maintenance Procedures have also been altered. Additional checks and modifications are performed in conjunction with the scheduled recommended service and some servicing is now done at different intervals to the Manufacturers’ recommendations.

With the help of MC Global we have better visibility and control of our Fleet and the ability to identify where improvements can be made.

John Galea - Journey Management & IVMS Lead