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How to achieve successful CMMS Implementation

Want to hear a frightening statistic? According to most online reports, approximately 80% of all computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) implementations fail. What are the reasons for CMMS implementation failure? We believe it can be attributed to four main aspects: poorly defined goals lack of leadership buy-in, deficient training, and a non-intuitive user experience. For […]

How to calculate the life cycle cost of equipment & the benefits of requesting new equipment to avoid costly unscheduled downtime

Life cycle cost (LCC) is an extremely useful analytical tool to help minimise waste and optimise energy efficiency, especially when incorporated into a fully customised computerised maintenance management system (CMMS). Background: life cycle cost calculation The US military devised the concept of life cycle cost. It was so logical and accountable, that it was adopted […]

Investing in a Computerised Maintenance Management Systems Health Check Regularly is Important for Operational Efficiency.

Many MCGlobal Solutions customers have taken the opportunity to use our Consultants to have a look under the bonnet of their CMMS to find out how well they are running. Whether it’s a matter of finding the time, committing resources or the cost involved, many people treat getting an expert in to look at their […]

Remove the Pain Points of Maintenance Work Requests

One of the best and worst things about being a Maintenance Manager is being so ‘popular’. Everyone wants a piece of you and, as you know, everything is urgent- at least to their way of thinking. When was the last time someone called you and said “No hurry on that work order request, take as […]

Why is it Beneficial to Implement an Enterprise Asset Management Plan for your Maintenance Teams + What to Consider When Formulating the Framework

An Enterprise Asset Management Plan should be implemented regardless of how “aged” your assets are.  The Enterprise Asset Management Plan sets out what your desired level of service will be and provides this service level in the most cost-effective way. The 5 major benefits of an Asset Management Plan Prolonging the asset life through efficient […]

Effective Decision-Making Process for Asset Management to Determine which Maintenance Plan to Adopt

In our previous blog, we covered the topic of ageing assets and their impact on facility management. Having determined an asset doesn’t necessarily need to be old to be “ageing”, all organisations need to look at a process to manage their assets regardless of the physical age of the equipment or facility. Deciding how to […]

What are Ageing Assets + What is the Impact on Facility Management as Asset Deterioration and Obsolescence Occurs

If a colleague makes the comment to you, “we’re working in an ageing facility full of ageing assets”, what do you immediately think? If you’re like most of us, you’ll probably picture a facility built in the 1920s with run-down equipment and buildings almost collapsing under their own weight. In some cases, you’d be right, […]

Best Practices to Establishing System Naming Conventions

“A little forethought at the start can save a lot of time in the future.” It is advised as a best practice to build a strong naming convention and protocols during the initial setup of the Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS). This will make it easier for workers to get used to using the Maintenance […]