Maintenance Connection CMMS

MC Global Solution's is the exclusive product partner to the Maintenance Connection suite of cloud-based asset management software across Australia, UK and Europe.

MRO Workcentre

The Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) Workcentre allows access to the full range of features available in the Maintenance Connection CMMS solution.

MC Express

Give your maintenance department the capability to go mobile and to work from anywhere a wireless or mobile phone signal is available with MC Express.

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Asset Register

Our intuitive hierarchy will categorise your business assets to build information trees for easy locating and monitoring of your key resources. View the location of each asset, and add new assets or locations when necessary. Use the search and filter options to quickly find an asset and view its maintenance history or work in progress.


Manage your Asset Tree and Track Work History

All asset information is displayed logically and can include images of the equipment to further enhance the usability of the system.

Because Maintenance Connection stores both location history and work history for each asset or location, you can keep track of where assets were moved to, and when each move was performed.

Work Orders

This module is the heart of Maintenance Connection. Complete a work order in seconds by simply selecting a Requester, Asset/Location and a Procedure. From the Work Centre page, change the work order status, assign the work order, and shut down the Asset/Location.

Complete Tasks, Track Costs.

This page allows you to define tasks that you can later flag as completed, non-completed, and/or failed. It also contains an area for instructions, labour reporting and failure analysis.


Preventive Maintenance

You can choose from Maintenance Connection’s library of over 300 built-in Preventative Maintenance procedures, or you can create your own. Set the procedures to automatically generate work orders on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly intervals, or at specific target meter levels.


Schedule maintenance to run on a routine basis

Quickly and easily set routine maintenance and procedures based on your business formats. Define the equipment and assets that need scheduling so that no part of your operation is neglected.

Labour Management

This module is the heart of Maintenance Connection. Complete a work order in seconds by simply selecting a Requester, Asset/Location and a Procedure. From the Work Centre page, change the work order status, assign the work order, and shut down the Asset/Location.

Use quick search guides and photos to identify and monitor their schedules, training and work reports.

Use the Labour Module to store all employee and contract labour available to perform maintenance. View contact information and monthly work schedules, and set individual labour rates and work schedule/time off. You can also keep track of each employee’s training and certification.

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Inventory and Purchasing

The Inventory module allows you store store details of inventory items, along with details of where the items are located and the associated datasheets for hazardous items. Detailed reports are available to view inventory usage, transfers, reserved parts and other transactions. Attaching a photo of the inventory item assists with the usability and accuracy of selecting the required parts.


Easily view, manage and keep track of your total business inventory in one central location.

The Maintenance Connection inventory and purchasing modules can be integrated with third-party ERP systems if required, or can provide a stand alone solution for all of your inventory management requirements.

With the Purchase Order Module, you have the ability to quickly build purchase orders or requests depending on your business process need. Purchase orders can also be generated for inventory items that are below the re-order point set in the Inventory Module. Purchase orders can be printed or emailed to the vendor and as items are received, the inventory levels are automatically updated.

Reporting and KPIs

In the Reporting module, you can automatically generate reports, customised lists and schedules through predefined parameters. The Maintenance Reporter displays a list of report groups with their corresponding reports. This module is fully integrated within the Maintenance Manager application, alleviating the need to switch applications. Maintenance Reporter can be purchased as a stand-alone application for customers who only require the reporting functionality rather than the full features of Maintenance Manager. From the Maintenance Reporter home, you can access, copy, setup and view reports

Fully configurable Reports and KPI’s.

The Email Report page allows you to email any report from within the Maintenance Reporter application. Select recipients from your personal address book, or from the Labour, Requester, or Contact modules.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are used to measure the effectiveness of the maintenance management solution that directly impacts asset/equipment performance and total maintenance costs. Monitoring KPI’s and setting KPI targets increases asset life, improves labour productivity, reduces costly downtime, minimises inventory investments, and lowers the total cost of maintenance.