Our GIS integrates seamlessly with our asset management platform to facilitate the efficient identification, location and management of key assets.

Mapping Engine / Map Server

A web based mapping system with a dynamic tile cache which reuses existing tiles or creates new ones along with an open and flexible system for communication, incorporating a full set of spatial operators and multiple integration options.
Map administration is reduced by simplifying the process of updating and changing map layers to display through a web-based administration console.

Maintenance planners are provided with an attractive and effective interface.


Map Client

A web based single purpose mapping client embedded within various Maintenance Connection workflows and delivers exceptional flexibility across multiple platforms and devices without having to dig through irrelevant data in a third party spatial portal.


Support better decision making by providing deeply embedded and highly targeted maps within the maintenance workflow.

Demographic Data

There is a close correlation between the management of building assets and the surrounding environment including both the built environment and the demographics.

Spatial information is delivered in the context of the problem being solved.

EAM Integration

Our Asset Management Software integrates seamlessly with our GIS to facilitate the efficient identification, location and management of key assets.

Switch on when you’re ready to implement.

Reduce risk significantly over choosing a separate vendor and integration. We keep the process simple by aligning the license model with your existing licenses.