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Computerised Maintenance Management Systems: Our Approach


The first step in mapping the road to a healthy computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) is to understand the specific requirements necessary to fulfil the business or organisations asset and maintenance management procedures.

The review process allows our consultants to not only analyse the client’s use of the computerised maintenance management system but also ensure that the system is configured to best match the client’s work flows, processes and requirements.

We understand how crucial it is to recognise the CMMS/EAM as a component of a complete system by deconstructing and recalibrating a more efficient process.

Not only does the MC Global team relate to administrators of the system but to the service people as well, giving our consultants a superior insight into all aspects of the industry.

Our experienced consultants will diagnose issues and recommend best practice solutions to better manage and operate systems, unlocking the full potential of your CMMS/EAM.

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Our Review Asset Management Services
  • 01 Data analysis
  • 02 Systems analysis
  • 03 Process review
  • 04 Equipment maintenance analysis
  • 05 Best practice solutions


Following analysis of the client’s current situation, using industry-best practices and real-world experience, our consultants will put together a recommended plan to implement, streamline, improve or rectify the current situation to ensure optimum system usage and to maximise the benefits of using our CMMS/EAM products.

Our commitment is to quality of process and attention-to-detail to ensure a tailored solution is implemented, helping to meet your business or organisational challenges.

Our systematic approach involves a multi-layered implementation strategy alongside realistic project plan timelines.

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Our Planning Asset Management Services
  • 01 Identification of equipment maintenance needs
  • 02 Labour usage and material requirements planning
  • 03 Identification of system and naming protocols
  • 04 Implementation roll-out process planning


By partnering with you at every stage, whether your organisation is large or small, our team of friendly and experienced implementation consultants will ensure your implementation is done professionally and on time.

Through the many years of experience both in the world of software and the world of maintenance, our consultants implement a systematic and staged roll-out of the system determined by the client’s requirements.

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Our Implementation Asset Management Services
  • 01 On-site/off-site implementation
  • 02 Data gathering and upload
  • 03 Collaborating with key planners
  • 04 Monitor deficiencies and bottlenecks
  • 05 Periodic testing of implementation


We tailor our training specific to the user’s role and responsibilities so your entire staff can quickly adapt to the features and capabilities of our CMMS/EAM system.

These resources equip your team with the necessary information to aid the successful implementation of MC Global solutions into your organisation, including (but not limited to):

  • Sourcing compiling and cleansing data suitable for importation
  • Presenting asset hierarchy for maximum output
  • Tailoring a workflow process conducive to the ease of operation
  • Creation of efficient Work Orders
  • Creating suitable preventative maintenance schedules
  • Details of available labour and scheduling standards and process

We offer a complete range of CMMS/EAM training options to suit your business, staff and location.

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Range of CMMS/EAM training options
  • Classroom Training Sessions

    Our custom training classes are ideal for organisations with a large number of employees to train, or if you have specific training needs.

  • Web-Based Training

    Maintenance staff can log in and participate in a live, online training session with one of our Implementation Consultants.

  • Onsite Training At Client Premises

    An MC Global Implementation Consultant can perform customised training for your maintenance staff at your premises.

  • Onsite Training At MC Global

    You can send groups of maintenance staff to attend MC Global’s training centre located in Brisbane, Queensland.



It’s important for any business or organisation not to overlook the ongoing maintenance and support of your CMMS/EAM systems.

With the continual advancements in asset and maintenance best-practice and technology solutions, our industry-leading technical support ensures facility maintenance management systems are running as efficiently as possible.

An MC Global Consultant will work with the system administrator and other staff to systematically work through the various modules within the CMMS/EAM and examine the current work-flow process.

The expertise gained carrying out numerous implementations and Health Checks with a wide variety of industries and customers, allows our consultants to methodically and efficiently identify where ongoing improvements can be made.

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Benefits Our Support Asset Management Services
  • 01 No offshore “call centre” Support contract
  • 02 Personal, friendly, professional technical support
  • 03 Custom reports
  • 04 Data imports
  • 05 Database management

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